For applications requiring ultra-fast and safe monitoring of the complexity of critical components or infrastructures, Ontonix offers a specific Complexity Chip.

The chip is based on FPGA technology and has been developed jointly by Ontonix and SAIC in the framework of a project funded by the US Department of Defense Executive Agent for Printed Circuit Board and Interconnect Technology and the NSWC (Naval Surface Warfare Center).

Each chip may be delivered with a specific board, which includes a microprocessor that manages all data Input/Output as well the chip itself.

With our complexity technology now available on a chip, QCM enters into a new era. In fact, it now becomes possible to monitor complexity in real time and to identify and anticipate problems in all those systems which depend on or are governed by intricate software systems

  • automobiles
  • aircraft
  • trains
  • turbines, compressors
  • military equipment
  • etc.

Our complexity chip can also be integrated into mobile and hand-held devices for civilian as well as military applications.

 ZEDBoard with qcm chip.

ZEDBoard with qcm chip.

When integrated with a software/electronics system of an automobile or an aircraft, the QCM Chip becomes a modern early-warning box which detects both 'local' as well as 'systemic' problems. Conventional black boxes only store data. Our system is able to process it and extract additional value from it in the form of pre-alarms.


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