All Ontonix software products and solutions are powered by OntoNet™, our QCM engine.

OntoNet™ may be accessed in two ways:

  • Via the Amazon Web Services (AWS). The service is based on SOAP specifications (Simple Object Access Protocol) and communicates via the http protocol.

  • Installation on client's server. OntoNet™ is available for MS Windows and Linux platforms.

A fast version of OntoNet™, OntoNetS™, using an approximate algorithm and ideal for very large problems, is available on Linux platforms only.

The AWS-based solution is ideal for mid-size problems and for processing data not subjected to confidentiality issues. In the event it is necessary to process large cases - thousands or hundreds of thousands of variables - the best approach is to install OntoNet™ on the client's server. This solution, in addition to solving the data confidentiality issues, avoides also lengthy data transmission.

Our QCM engine may also be deployed as a customized Enterprise Solution integrated into any ERP system or software platform (corporate data warehouses, planning applications, databases, SAP, Oracle, etc.).

Finally, we also offer an MS Windows desktop version of our exclusive QCM suite, comprising OntoSpace™, OntoDyn™ and OntoTest™. OntoSpace™ offers the possibility to process streaming data in real-time, in order to monitor the complexity and resilience of a multitude of systems.


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