Systemic collapse is a catastrophic failure of an entire system, or network, that is triggered by an event causing severe structural instability which can impair its functioning on a large scale and for prolonged periods of time.

Ontonix analyses large and critical systems and infrastructures in order to provide a quantitative and near real time assessment and indicators of:

  • Systemic complexity
  • Resistance to shocks (endogenous and/or exogenous)
  • Critical complexity (the level of complexity at which a given system inevitably becomes non-governable)
  • Complexity drivers (a ranked list of potential problem sources)
  • Complexity Map

Examples of systems we are able to monitor, analyse and determine their distance from potential systemic collapse:

  • States
  • Critical infrastructures (energy distribution, telecommunication network, traffic systems, water distribution, etc.). See example
  • Large IT networks
  • Economies

The uniqueness of our approach is that not only we measure and monitor the principal characteristic of these systems - their complexity - we analyze them all together, capturing their interactions in a truly integrated 'system of systems' perspective.

Our goal is to:

  • Prevent systemic catastrophic collapses
  • Guarantee structural stability of large and critical systems
  • Identify pre-crisis and pre-collapse signals
  • Provide assistance in Crisis and Situation Management 

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