The Team

Jacek Marczyk Ph.D., Founder, President

Jacek Marczyk is an ex rocket scientist and author of ten books on uncertainty and complexity management, with more than thirty years of experience. Following his work in the aerospace industry - mainly in spacecraft dynamics and attitude control - has developed in 2003 the Quantitative Complexity Theory (QCT). In 2005 he founded Ontonix, a company focused on measuring and monitoring complexity and complexity-based early-warnings for a wide range of systems. In 2009 he developed a complexity and resilience-based rating system for businesses and financial products. He introduced the Global Financial Complexity and Resilience Indices in 2013. Since 2016 he is Executive Chairman of Singapore-based Universal Ratings, which focuses on Resistance-to-Shocks ratings for financial products, corporations and countries, and which are published in Bloomberg.

Dr. Marczyk holds an MS in Aeronautical Engineering (Politecnico di Milano), MS in Aerospace Engineering (Politecnico di Torino) and a Ph.D in Civil Engineering (Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya). During his career he has held various executive positions and has worked for companies such as EADS, BMW AG, Centric Engineering Systems, Tecnomare, ESI, Silicon Graphics and MSC Software. He has lived and worked on four continents and is fluent in five languages.

Giuseppe Graci, VP Services

Mr. Graci has more than thirty years in advising and supporting Business Managers to reach their business objectives through the right deployment of technologies and management of complexity of their business and respective environments. Giuseppe has worked for leading research companies such as Gartner, where he held a VP position, and for management consulting firms Nolan & Norton and KPMG. He has broad international experience, having operated at board level of major financial institutions in Italy, Spain and Portugal and in other global corporations. Giuseppe is a thought leader and innovator with strong emphasis on result-oriented decision-making. He has the ability to quickly notice upcoming changes and to create an open flow of information. His background is economics with strong Information Technologies-related know-how in Financial Services. He has recently published a book on managing and governing complexity.

John Marke, VP North America Operation

Mr. Marke is a top tier management consultant holding executive positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers (Director – Risk), Deloitte (Federal Security Services), BearingPoint (Homeland Security) and Diamond Cluster (Strategy).  He headed the technology licensing department at a subsidiary of Bell Labs, and was an executive at Southwestern Bell Corporation (Mergers & Acquisitions). His consulting  clients include Harvard University, the National Security Council, DHS Science & Technology Directorate, IRS Criminal Investigation Division, and Goldman Sachs, Bracewell & Giuliani, American Electric Power, Citizens Gas, and Texas Utilities. His academic background includes complexity science, systems, and policy analysis; he attended Tulane University, St. Louis University and MIT.  He was a commissioned Naval Officer (USN) with professional designations as Aviation Maintenance & Engineering Duty Officer, Logistics Officer, Cryptological Duty Officer; and Agent, Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).  Mr. Marke leads Ontonix’s  North America operation.

Mario de Lucia, VP Aerospace and Defense

A consultant in the Defence business with 35 years of management experience as an employee at large Defence contractors such as Northrop Grumman, USA and Diehl BGT Defence, Germany, as well as with the Perkin Elmer Corporation, USA. Mr. de Lucia has a sound technical background on inertial and satellite navigation techniques and systems. He has taken part in numerous NATO studies and research activities with various assignments and is currently Vice-Chairman of the Study on “Military Aircraft Performance Equivalence to Achieve Compliance with Civil ATM/CNS Requirements”. Mr. de Lucia’s expertise includes managing high-level Institutional relations, mainly with all Military Arms of the Italian Ministry of Defense and State Corps, as well as with several of the biggest Aerospace and Defense industries. Mr. de Lucia is an aircraft pilot with significant experience in competition aerobatics and successes in precision navigation races. He graduated, then became a lecturer at the Higher Studies Institute for the Defense (IASD) .

Danilo Noventa, VP Business Development

Since 1982, Mr. Danilo Noventa has been involved in Situations Support Systems Services and Solutions for clients both in private and public sectors. He collaborated since 1987 with the Washington Consulting Consortium  established by William E. Colby, former CIA Director. In 1988 he established the company Relazioni  Internazionali. Since 1996 he has also been the Director of NGPSP, Non Governmental Peace Strategies Project (Support of The Private Sector to the International System), an NGO registered in Geneva, founded by Giandomenico Picco (Former United Nation Under Secretary General). George H. W. Bush, Michail S. Gorbaciov, Javier Perez de Cuellar are part of the International Advisory Board. He has a track-record and expertise in Strategic Analysis and Operational Planning in Foreign Affairs and Business Intelligence, mainly in the field of Crisis Management, Continuity of Operations and Government, and Critical Infrastructures Protection as well as in defining Banking Restructuring Plans for corporations. He was a member of Forum Humanum (Club di Roma) initial staff.

Arie Faran, VP Engineering

Mr. Faran graduated from BeerSheva Bengurion University Institute, Israel, with a B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering. He has over 35 years of experience in complex aerospace projects. Mr. Faran was the VP of Engineering in one of the leading Aerospace companies in Israel. He was also the company director of QA management and lean processes. Mr. Faran conducted the NPI (New Product Introduction) protocols and methods for R&D robust design process in complex systems design.  He gained significant experience in conducting organizational assimilation process management of Aerospace regulation QA standards (i.e.: AS – 9100C)  and other advanced guidelines for robust design (i.e.: CMMI for Development, ver. 1.3). Mr. Faran is considered an authority in systems engineering development methods via DFMA methods.

Claudio Vettor, VP Products

Mr. Vettor has more than twenty five years experience in advising and supporting managers and complex organizations to improve their processes - mainly innovation and operations - and to compete in turbulent environments using holistic approaches. Claudio has a strong Information Technology background and has been lecturer of operations management at the Polytechnic University of Brescia for three years. He has obtained an MBA from SDA Bocconi Business School in Milan. He has published four books and several papers on governing and managing complex organizations.

Shlomo Gluck, VP Advanced Technologies

Shlomo Gluck graduated from Haifa’s Israel Technion Institute of Technology with a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Computers. He has over 25 years of experience in leading complex computer projects. Mr. Gluck was the head of software department in Israel Aerospace Industries. He was also a manager of the Software Engineering Programming Group (SEPG), responsible for the process and tools used in software development. Among products developed personally by Mr. Gluck was ‘SPC Cockpit’, a suite for monitoring complex production processes and ‘CDSD’ a Complete Division Software Database which was used as the standard measurement tool of all software engineers of the division. Mr. Gluck is considered an authority in software development methods.

Gianluca Pepino, Finance

Mr. Pepino has over twenty years experience in general accounting, auditing, tax, contractual, and administrative matters as well and in planning, control and due diligence in small and medium-sized enterprises. During his career he has worked in analytical accounting and elementary accounting (warehouse, management of personnel, analysis of financial flows) and in planning and corporate control. He has graduated in economics from the University of Pavia.

Bartosz Wolszczak, Managing Director Central Europe

Mr. Wolszczak has 15 years of experience in TV news channels and news production companies. Mr. Wolszczak was co-founder of TVN CNBC, the Polish branch of CNBC Europe, as well as author and co-author of award winning economic TV programs. He holds a degree in economics form the University of Warsaw.